HONE Knife Sharpener: Engineered in Canada

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Ball Bearings Version

Free #3000 Ceramic Disc (CAD 45 Value) with HONE Knife Sharpener purchase.

A stylish way to sharpen knives effortlessly. While traditional sharpening methods require practice, the HONE Knife Sharpener allows anyone to achieve professional sharpness within minutes.

  • Double sharpening lifespan

    The sharpening lifespan is doubled with two-sided diamond sharpening and honing discs

  • Angles for big and small knives

    Two sharpening angles (20 and 15 degrees); separately for big and small knives.

    No other product offers such options.

  • A sharpener forever

    Minimalist disc detach system (patent pending); wash, change side, or replace sharpening discs

  • No damage to knives

    Non-scratch rubber surface will not damage knives

  • Knife stability during sharpening

    The knife is held firmly by big and strong magnets, and a large rubber back support

  • Long-lasting diamonds

    Monocrystalline electroplated diamonds

  • Well built

    Durable stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber construction

  • Warranty

    Never buy another knife sharpener

Innovative Solution

  • Minimalist disc detach system (patent pending); wash, change side, or replace sharpening discs
  • Electroplated monocrystalline diamonds
  • Diamond coating on both sides of each disc
  • Larger surface area sharpening discs
  • #400 grit Disc 1 and #1000 grit Disc 2
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Unique Design

  • 15 and 20 degree angle options separately for big and small knives (patent pending)
  • High strength large size magnets (grade N52)
  • Sunken magnets; will not touch or scratch knives
  • High and wide knife holding sides to firmly support the knife during sharpening
  • Sides labelled with angle measurements
  • Rubber surface provides a secure grip and is soft on knives
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The Perfect gift

A delightful product in an elegant packaging makes it a perfect gift for friends and family

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