User Instructions

How to sharpen knives? 

How do I detach sharpening discs?

How do I clean the sharpening discs?

Detach the sharpening disc as shown in the video above and wash with dish soap and water. Dry the disc completely before reinstalling.

How do I sharpen knives that are higher than the rolling knife sharpener?

How to sharpen small knives?

How to use HONE AngleMate?

How to use HONE Leather Strop?


Tips Sheet: HONE Knife Sharpener

Understanding Sharpening Angles

  • Most household knives are sharpened at a 20-degree angle. While any knife can be sharpened at any angle, knives made with ordinary steel won't retain sharpness at a sharper angle like 15 degrees.
  • Damascus and Japanese knives are typically sharpened at 15 degrees. These knives can maintain sharpness longer due to the high-quality steel used in their construction.

Consistency in Sharpening Angle

  • Always use the same sharpening angle unless you intend to reprofile the knife to a different angle.

Using the Discs Properly

  • Initial Sharpening Process: Use Disc 1 (#400), Disc 2 (#1000), and the #3000 Ceramic Disc in sequence.
  • Maintenance Sharpening: After the initial process, only use the #3000 Ceramic Disc for maintaining the knife edge, with occasional use of Disc 2 (#1000).

Final Sharpening Steps

  • Finish the sharpening process with five passes on each side of the knife using #3000 Ceramic Disc. If you have not purchased the #3000 Ceramic Disc, you can use Disc 2 (#1000) instead. 
  • This step is crucial because it aligns the knife edge centrally, ensuring it cuts very sharply. Without proper alignment, even a sharp edge can feel dull.

Popular Choices

  • The #3000 Ceramic Disc is favored by customers for polishing and maintaining a sharp knife edge.

Extra Sharpness

  • Use the HONE Leather Strop at the end for additional sharpness.

Reprofiling Damaged Knives

  • If your knife is in poor condition and requires edge reprofiling, use our #200 Disc to remove the damaged part and restore the edge.