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HONE AngleMate (Knife Holder shown for display only, not included in the package)

HONE AngleMate (Knife Holder shown for display only, not included in the package)

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  • 8 Additional Sharpening Angles: Experience unparalleled versatility with HONE AngleMate, offering eight extra sharpening angles for precision results.

  • Non-Slip Silicone Material: Enhanced safety and stability are guaranteed with HONE AngleMate's non-slip silicone material for optimal sharpening.

  • Precision Craftsmanship with Durable Material: Meticulously crafted using the highest quality durable materials, ensuring longevity and consistently excellent performance.

  • Simple Yet Effective: Enjoy the simplicity of HONE AngleMate's design, proving that effective solutions to complex problems can be refreshingly straightforward.

  • No Need for Additional Knife Holder: Maximize convenience and minimize costs as HONE AngleMate provides additional sharpening angles without requiring an extra Knife Holder purchase.

Crafting Precision: The Innovation Behind HONE AngleMate

In the pursuit of perfection, our journey to create the HONE AngleMate began with a simple yet formidable challenge: to devise a solution that is not only efficient and practical but also innovative. The goal was clear – to provide users with the ability to achieve multiple knife sharpening angles using the same Knife Holder that accompanies the HONE Knife Sharpener.

Our team embarked on an exploration of countless prototypes, experimenting with intricate designs in search of the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. Some of our early attempts were complex, showcasing the extent of our dedication to crafting the ideal solution. However, the turning point arrived when we had our "light bulb moment."

The revelation was surprisingly simple: all we needed were straightforward strips strategically placed beneath the Knife Holder. Each strip, when positioned on one side, effortlessly altered the knife sharpening angle by a precise 2 degrees on each side. This ingenious simplicity paved the way for a groundbreaking discovery.

By combining one or two angle strips, users could unlock a total of 8 additional knife sharpening angles. What's more, this innovation catered separately to both big and small knives, all accomplished using the same Knife Holder. The HONE AngleMate emerged not only as a testament to our commitment to simplicity but also as a testament to our dedication to providing users with unparalleled precision in knife sharpening.


Aluminum, stainless steel, electroplated monocrystalline diamond discs, N52 grade magnets, and rubber.

Shipping & Returns

The product will be shipped within 2-3 business days and will be delivered within 7-10 business days. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date.

Care Instructions

  • Use damp cloth to clean the knife holder
  • Detach and wash diamond discs with soap and water
  • Dry diamond discs immediately after washing
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